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Posted by Alex the Rabid Bee on December 09, 1997 at 02:18:52:

In Reply to: Re: Manchester Storm posted by LIZ on December 06, 1997 at 16:38:20:

Crap goal judges?! you lot don't know when you've got it lucky! you should go down the Hive a few times this season, and watch our pathetic shambles who try and pass themselves off as goal judges. Whenever the puck crosses the blue-line, let alone touch Bernie, it's counted as a shot. That's why we average 40 or 50 shots a game from both teams at the Hive. To emphasise this point, when one of the regulars couldn't do it, and the guy who organises stepped into her place, the SOGs changed dramatically. Bracknell's read 6+19+8. Guess which period Steve didn't judge? :-)

As for disallowed goals, well we've all had a fair share of them. One against Nottingham, when the ref couldn't be certain, blew the whistle and washed the goal. When Robins stood up and removed his glove, the puck was clearly over the line. The worst, however, was the goal that wasn't against Cardiff. joe ferras took the shot, it went through the netting and hit the plexi behind. He was celebrating, Cardiff tried to play on as normal, we were all confused. The net had clearly moved, so had the ouck hit the plexi? A hole was discovered in the net, so surely it had passed through. the judge was asked. All of us had seen the net move, yet she, whose job was to sit 2 foot behind the goal and just watch the puck, never noticed it. In an overly dramatically gesture, she brought her hands up in a massive shrug, basically a cop out. ref had no idea, the goal was washed and the hole tied up with string. The irony was that we had new nets, but didn't bother putting them on the ice. How come the officials were able to check it twice (start of both periods), and yet not notice a gaping hole (was several inches accross)?

That goal would have made the game 3-3, and we'd have ghad another point. Or would we? People talk of Storm beating the Panthers if the goal hadn't been washed off, but you don't know they wouldn't have raised themselves and just got another. It's all a big if, and there's no point mithering, as it won't change owt.

Still, would have been a good goal by Ferras...

Cheers, Alex the Rabid Bee

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