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Posted by joanne pinnacallada on December 22, 1997 at 19:42:58:

In Reply to: Re: You too eh! posted by Jon Orr on December 21, 1997 at 14:13:04:

look we are all allowed a comment no matter how it is spelt or wether the grammer is correct
and unless you happen to be a english teacher then you have no room to slag someone else of, to be honest many of the mistakes in Kermits message
would have probably come from typing things in on the spur of the moment and many people on this forum often leave words out or spell things wrong so do not deride other people
just because you disagree with what they said.

On the question of the Ayr game, I actually went to that game and unfortunately my hearing seemed to be a little defective because you say you heard the ayr fans cheer the storm of the ice I unfortunately did not hear this wonderful applause, it probably had something to
do with the fat slob, that was verbally abusing a friend of mine and the fact that the fat guy was going to punch his lights out, after shouting to a steward about this while it was happening she quickly turned her back and ignored us.
now this was not an isolated case we were subjected to a verbal tirade all the way through the game.
Now I'm not against a bit of verbal banter with a little sense of humour attached, but when it gets to the stage where you no longer wish to go to the Centrum arena because a mindless few seem hell bet to beat the S~*t out of rival fans then I am sure you would not condone this type of behaviour and shows Ice hockey fans up.
I am at the moment writing a official letter of complaint about the actions of the mindless few and the total disregard the steward had for the crowds safety be it away or home fans.

Now I do not want all Ayr fans to think that we are taring them with the same brush but having been to Ayr twice the number of abusive fans is growing, in the Nynex we have this element to ,but and it's a big but if they are spotted or someone complains then they are ejected from the arena a rightly so, not but a few weeks ago we observed a young yob being physically ristrained and being ejected because he became violent why
do other arenas not have the same policy (manchester Kurt was ejected from the Centrum for turning on the judges light it was a joke and he was ejected and rightly so but it was done in the spirit of fun and the storm fans did not complain)

Can I also ask one burning question, and see that you were obviously at this game, why oh why did the Ayr team turn there backs on the storm team only to face away fans and not their own, there is probably and good reason for it but it escapes me is this some Scottish trait or superstion.
I'm not against scotch people, by the way ( i can't really as my boyfreind is scottish and his family live in paisley so don't have a go at me on that one.

bye bye jon
sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes or incorrect spelling, as its cold in my computer room at the moment and my fingers are frezzing.
P.s We clap everybody of the ice at the Nynex except one robert trumberley

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