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Posted by Simon S-M on January 19, 1998 at 17:11:12:

In Reply to: Re: STORMFORCE BOWLING - ONE BIG CON? posted by Cath on January 19, 1998 at 16:42:38:

>I don't see how the junior member could
>be upset, afterall, he got the junior prize,
>"as advertised". The only person who should
>have been upset was the persop who thinks
>they should have won.

Nope....both prizes were fixed. It was the junior winner (or his dad) that was doing most of the complaining.

>At the end of the day, the bowling place was
>responsible for the printouts and the
>naming of the winner ....... surely Stormforce
>cannot be held responsible for their mistakes.

The bowling place said it was Stormforce's responsibility. Stormforce said that it was the bowling place's responsibility. Stormforce infact chose the winners without bothering to ask the bowling place at all. You don't just pick anyone - it might not mean much to those who don't care but to those taking part it is a big deal that shouldn't be trivialised. At the players end of season awards, would you work out who deserves the prize or just give it to anyone?

>I agree that if Carol responded with "tough"
>then she is wrong (I also find this to be
>highly unlikely)

unlikely or not....that is what I have been told.

>What would you rather have
>Carol do .... stop all the proceedings and
>retrieve the trophy from the official winner
>and present it again to your friend, or
>come up with another solution, for example,
>getting a replica trophy?

It shouldn't have happened at all. The "winner" was told apparantly that he got about half the amount of points as the actual highest scorer and he was genuinely embarrassed about it.

>Also, whilst I'm on my soap box, it is very
>easy to sit there and critisize the stormforce
>committee, a little encouragement and offer of
>help probably wouldn't go a miss.

I helped Stormforce out all last season with the advertising and promotion of all their events. I have no gripe with them. They just shouldn't fix things!! Unfortunately from my and other people's experience of some of the Stormforce committee, they see themselves as far too high and mighty.

>I organise events like this for a living,
>and I can tell you, when you are reliying on
>others such as the officials at the bowling
>alley for their input, as well as managing the
>time and whereabouts of 200 people, life can
>get pretty hectic, and sometimes things
>go wrong. Should I then be sacked from my job,
>despite the 99% of other more complex events
>I have run and that have all gone perfectly?

I don't think I said or implied losing of jobs. I just said be fair to the people who enter competitions and games in good faith.

>I think it's time you stopped this crusade
>you seem to have developed against stormforce
>and started doing something more positive.

Pardon? What crusade? And what is more positive than presenting discusion about Manchester Storm-related topics. Or should we all be quiet and brush things under the carpet?

I used to write for the programme until Ogdens decided that they weren't interested any more.

I used to spend hours promoting Stormforce by writing Web pages for them advertising events and news until they decided that they couldn't be bothered any more.

As I said previously, I wasn't at the event. I was simply passing on the information that several different sources had passed on to me.

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