Re: Storm defeated 5 - 3 at Ayr

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Posted by Gill Manford on September 29, 1997 at 14:08:20:

In Reply to: Re: Storm defeated 5 - 3 at Ayr posted by Simon S-M on September 11, 1997 at 16:45:07:

I 'm not usually a person that gets into slanging
matches with people who voice their opinions but
I feel it's time for someone to give a view from the
other side.

Quote "They really are the scum of the earth".

I find this a personal insult as I and my 3 children
travelled with the Storm Supporters most of last
season ands will be this season. We have always
thoroughly enjoyed the day out - the singing on the
coach, the atmosphere these supporters create at
away matches and the jorney home - it is called
having FUN - do you know what that is????

Quote " They are the reason that peopple don't
like Storm visting as they have to listen to their
drivel non stop" So, now you're saying people
don't like us visting! (WHO?) Is this because
we make more noise than them? (Sheffield 20/9 -
We made that atmosphere) surely that's called
supporting and encouraging your team to win.
What do you do at away matches? (I see you
don't go to many!) I suppose you sit and make
notes for your internet pages. Does it make you
envious sitting there all on your own seeing so
many people having a great time.

Below are quotes from Kurt Kleinendorst and the
Storm players commenting on the support they've
had so far this season, kindly supplied by Mick

"It is fantastic, the character not just the within the
players but also the fans, it is amazing"
Dave Morrison Storm v Ayr

"I noticed the amount of support we had before
they dropped the puck"
Kurt Kleinendorst Telford v Storm

"That was a big win for us, the support we had
tonight was unbelieveable, we heard them as
much as we heard their fans. Ours were as loud
and that's great for us, it makes us feel great"
Jeff Tomlinson Sheffield v Storm (Man of the Match)

"We got some big powerplay goals early that
helped us through this game and it is a team
game, scoring goals was never a question with
this team, the key is how you play in your own
end. It really helps when your supporters are up
there giving it their all. They had plenty to cheer
tonight. We have said all along that if we are going
to be successful on the road we are going to need
that kind of support"
Kurt Kleinendorst Sheffield v Storm


What very sad little lives you must lead vegetating
in front of your PC all day gossiping to one
another and then having the nerve to knock others
for going out and having a bloody good time.


PS To save you the time and effort I have given
a copy of your message to all the travelling
supporters - enjoy the season WE WILL!!!!!!

This is my personal opinion and is not the opinion

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