Storm fans (was Ayr away, from Gill Manford)

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Posted by Mike Landers on September 29, 1997 at 22:15:19:

I find this a personal insult as I and my 3 children travelled with the
Storm Supporters most of last season ands will be this season. We have always
thoroughly enjoyed the day out - the singing on the coach, the atmosphere
these supporters create at away matches and the jorney home - it is called
having FUN - do you know what that is????
(Sheffield 20/9 - We made that atmosphere) surely that's called supporting
and encouraging your team to win. What do you do at away matches? (I see you
don't go to many!) I suppose you sit and make notes for your internet
pages. Does it make you envious sitting there all on your own seeing so
many people having a great time.
Below are quotes from Kurt Kleinendorst and the Storm players commenting on
> the support they've had so far this season, kindly supplied by Mick
> Thompson.

When are you people going to get it into your thick skulls that the team is referring to the Storm fans as a whole and not some select little clique who think they were so much better than everyone else.

Repeat after me. Just because you are lucky enough to go to the majority of away games, you are not better than any other fan.

For example, were you at Milton Keynes for the first ever Storm game? Were you at Humberside for the 22-3 thrashing. Were you at Telford for the first ever Storm B&H game.

I was. And I have *never* forced that onto people saying I am a better fan than they are. People support the Storm, but they do not have to pass a test and enter a clique to be any good at it.

> What very sad little lives you must lead vegetating in front of your PC all
> day gossiping to one another and then having the nerve to knock others for
> going out and having a bloody good time.

Actually, I seem to spend my time having a nice life thankyou. One that does not involve karaoke, bingo using mobile phones and fake marriages to Jeff Lindsay.

Unless I am *very* much mistaken, just because some people find the idea of staging a mock marriage to a player who is a) happily married and b) got kids, stomach churning and insensitive at the very least.

Or maybe that is just me. But then again, I find the proof of the pudding in the eating, as people will not travel with the Stormforce unless they have no choice.


I'm sure Simon has one. But he doesn't feel the need to push it onto everyone else.

> PS To save you the time and effort I have given a copy of your message to
> all the travelling supporters - enjoy the season WE WILL!!!!!!

Read, can you? Surprising, is there no beginning to your talents?

Gill, were you not on the Stormforce committee? No wonder the majority of members feel that they cannot get their voices heard when their own representatives behave this way towards them.


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